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People generally love KFC for its menu and services. You find KFC in almost all the major cities all over the world. When you visit or order food from KFC sometimes you might have suggestions about their menu or may be serviced. You can give your experience on MyKfcexperience survey. You can fill this survey in a few minutes and give your valuable suggestions.


You will know how to do mykfcexperience survey in this article. You might be thinking, why should anyone spend time and give an experience survey? To answer this question for you, yes! You will be benefited after giving your survey. KFC will appreciate your effort with a reward when you perform a KFC survey. You can either get a free KFC menu item or a discount on your order. You will be given a coupon after you answer all the questions of the survey that appears on your screen.

The eligibility requirements are something like this.

  • You need a receipt of recent KFC order.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America / India / Philippines / Australia
  • You must be at least 18 years to give your MYKFCEXPERIENCE survey.

Requirements for KFC Feedback

  • Latest KFC Receipt.
  • Internet connection.
  • Tablet/PC/Laptop or Mobile.

You can give your survey if any of your family members works at KFC but you may not be able to get benefit coupons. If you want to have the coupon then you should visit KFC and have the receipt which has the ticket number and the survey code.

Steps to complete mykfcexperience survey/www mykfcexperience com :

You can give your survey of about 5-7minutes and can win gift coupon up to $1000. Here is the procedure you should follow to give your MyKFCExperience Survey.

How to Enter KFC Customers Satisfaction Survey


  • A valid KFC restaurant receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A PC, laptop or mobile device with internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish.


  • Visit the official page of KFC survey,
  • You can go through the privacy policy before starting the KFC survey.
  • Now type your survey code which you can find your receipt. You can found a code on the bottom of your receipt. It should be made of one letter and 17 digits.
  • Now enter the time you visited KFC. You can find the time just above your survey code.
  • What if you don’t have any survey code on your receipt? Don’t worry, you can click on the blue link that exists on survey page which says “click here”.
  • Instead of entering survey code, enter KFC store number in the first box provided.
  • Now type the data and time you visited KFC.
  • Enter KFC ticket number from the receipt in the following blank field. The ticket number can either be found at the bottom of the receipt, just above the time and date section, or at the top of the receipt. If the ticket’s number is printed in the upper part, then it should read something like “Order #3.” If it’s at the bottom, it will be something like “Ticket #3153”.
  • Click on start and begin KFC survey. Answer the questions of the survey which would take few minutes.
  • After you finish your answers, you will receive the coupon code in a couple of seconds. Now close the web page after writing your coupon code.
  • Do not close the web page before writing it on your receipt. You cannot recover it once you close the web page.

You might face some issues while giving your survey. If you have trouble loading the web page of Mykfcexperience, check for cookies and javascript are enabled. Usually, a website will prompt if they are disabled. If you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, you can enable them only for website from your browser’s settings options.

Points to be Remembered for KFC Feedback Survey at www mykfcexperience com

  • In the survey, you have answers questions based on your experience with KFC restaurant. After completion of the survey, you will be given a Validation Code. This code will be helpful to get any offers on your next visit to KFC. Note that you have to use the validation code only once before the time expires.
  • Keep in mind that your validation code is applicable only for 30 days after the visit of KFC and it can be used only in the restaurant where you have done your purchase previously.
  • You should ensure that while taking KFC survey, your browser should posses Javascript and cookies enabled.
  • If you don’t have an internet access, you can take the survey by calling 1-800-CALL-KFC. Here you can contact KFC’s customer service department and let them know any potential feedback, questions, and concerns you may have about your local KFC.
  • Still, you have any issues, you can visit the official website of KFC at Here you will find a “Contact Us” tab that allows you to leave any questions.
  • If you want to know the locations of KFC restaurants, you can use the “Restaurant Locator” to find a KFC restaurant nearby your location.

KFC Survey

For any other issues about a menu of KFC, you can visit the main website of KFC. You can find all the details about KFC in the official website. You can see the info about deals in the nearby KFC restaurant. You can know about the discounts and the current offers. KFC works between 10:00 A.M. TO 1:00 AM from Monday to Saturday. KFC is usually closed on Sunday. You can also leave feedback on this main website.

KFC Stor Location

You can check out on the offers and also the discounts on KFC restaurant near you. You can win the coupons on entering your ticket number and other details as explained above. Do give this survey and get coupons to enjoy either the free menu item or discounts on your favorite food from KFC.

Pay your NJMC Direct Fines Without going to court any more

It’s the NJMC direct, an excellent portal that won’t let anyone move to the office for paying fines anymore. It’s the online portal designed to avoid all those long lines in the court where you move to pay and finish off your fine or dues. You will be provided with an NJ ticket as a prefix code which will be helpful to get rid of NJ ticket fines. This will be easily saving your time and in fact, give ease thing as you just need to visit the NJMC Direct website and BOOM. 

Take a look at official sites:

The process moves on with step by step protocol to help users understand what and how it works:-

A lot of things are offered by the NJMC Direct portal. 

  • This is providing with a platform that can help in paying your pending fines. Take simple visit www.NJMC which follows few steps and makes the payment. Its damn easy. 
  • You can get on with the NJ ticket prefix code which would help with paying your fines. This method is damn easy and cool as you can pay your fines without visiting court. This is also accessible all over the time from anywhere. 
  • The internet connectivity is one of the important factors which also need to serve its access with help of mobile or laptop and even a system through which you can fill the NJMC Direct form. 
  • The payment process is also accessible through online transaction. There are debit card and credit card payment system. One can use MasterCard or visa for this kind of transaction.

Traffic ticket:

A traffic ticket is considered as an important aspect because it is the one thing that is going to work as proof. But the most important factor is it should be legal. The ticket will be provided by the officers when you can break any traffic law. This consists of the ticket number and court id and the type of law that you can break.

License plate number:

The license plate number is going to provide with the vehicle number provided by the registrar. This can be easily found in the driving licenses. This is a part of the vehicle information. It is a compulsory thing if you want to pay on. 

TrueComRetail Customer Care Number – Consumer Complaint Email

If you have purchased online from Flipkart’s Truecom Retail seller? or you have received the wrong product then, here I’m going to share the customer care complaint toll-free number of TrueCom Retail seller. You may also contact to Flipkart customer care department for any other complaints by purchasing a product from the seller.

The TrueComRetail main office branch is located in Delhi and the word trademark was filed on 11th July 2016 in the Delhi IP office. The trademark was registered to sane retails privately limited.

Toll-Free Numbers of TrueCom Retail Customer Care

For any other queries regarding the product then, you can connect with the Flipkart customer care team for better help support.

Do you have any complaints about shopping for products online from the TrueComRetail seller? then, you can directly communicate with them on their customer care toll-free number.

It is Flipkart’s customer care toll-free number.

  • Toll-free numbers1800 208 9898 or 1800-102-3547
  • Helpline Number: 0124-615-0000
  • Customer Care Suggestion: 1800-1080-1800

Also, you can drop a postal letter to the following Flipkart office address for help support.

Corporate Address of Flipkart

Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Clove Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Road Devarabeesanahalli Village, Bengaluru 560103, Karnataka, India   Note: They do not have any corporate office agency in Islamabad, Pakistan so be aware of fraud.

Postal Address of Flipkart

Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Clove Embassy Tech Village, Outer Ring Road Devarabeesanahalli Village, Bengaluru 560103, Karnataka, India   TrueComRetail will deliver its products in the future through UPSers international parcel service.

About TrueCom Retail Company

The marketplace has turned to a fresh crop of sellers for exclusive brands and deals to comply with government regulations. Sellers such as OmniTech Retail, TrueCom Retail, IndiFlash Mart, and RetailNet have entered into deals for sourcing products that will be sold through Flipkart.

Please do not share any of your contact details in the provided comment box. For better help support kindly contact them directly.

Other Retail Customer Service

TrueComRetil Flipkart Seller Online Solution 

You can contact the customer service officer of Flipkart for any problem related to your product. And click on the chat button to talk to your best customer service officer. Our customer service officers will be able to help you in every way

  • Online Chet Customer:- Click


Did not find this article helpful? then, do not worry just comment down your query. We will update this article regularly once the TrueCom Retail company contact details.

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Idea Message Center Numbers For India’s All States [2021 Updated]

If you are confused about getting a message center number to continue your SMS service, you can get that number from this place.  In which all the message center numbers are given as if you have given the original message to a friend or relative but for some reason, the message could not reach their device from their device then in case you check your message center number then change the number. For the message number for that. Nathan is given.  For which you can use your message number.

IDEA Message Center Numbers for Users

To change the SMS center number on Android   messaging application> setting> advance settings> massage center number option> enter SMS center number> no success in changing the SMS center number  

Idea SMS Centar NumberPhone Number
Andhra Pradesh+919848009198
Himachal Pradesh+919882900198
Jammu and Kashmir+919086046198
Madhya Pradesh+919826000198
Uttar Pradesh west+918941000198
Uttar Pradesh east+918576000198
West Bengal+919093100198

Other Company Number

Idea Message Setup Your Phone 

Now, we are going to tell you how to update the message center number for Idea or any other operator. The process varies from phone to phone. Therefore, here is the basic luxury concept.

  • Go to the “Messages” app (if you are using Android or iOS) or click on the “Messages” icon.
  • Go to the message settings section.
  • You will definitely get the option to change your message center number.
  • If you have a dual SIM enabled phone then choose your favorite SIM card.
  • Now, you can change the number by typing or entering the correct number.

Update SMS Center Number

If you want to update the Idea SMS Center number on your phone, you can make changes as per the details given below.

Click on the message then go to settings and then go to updated settings

Now you will see that SMS center number, select your mobile carrier, then you will be able to update the SMS service center.

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Vodafone Message Center Numbers For India’s All States [2021 Updated]

If you are facing any problems while sending an SMS from your cell phone then, you have to verify your state’s Vodafone message center number on your device.

Sometimes the company will deactivate SMS services on your phone. So do not worry, just call to 198 toll-free number and the customer support department will resolve your query.

Message Center Numbers for Vodafone Users

Here is the list of Vodafone Message Center Number for Indian Users:

Just go to the SMSC number setting on your device and put your state’s Vodafone SMS center number to continue an SMS service.

Vodafone PORT SMS Number

PORT 10 Digit Number

Del No 1900

Help to Send SMS from Vodafone

If you are unable to send SMS from your mobile. Don’t worry, this is due to deactivating your SMS services on the phone number. All you have to do is call Vodafone Customer Support and ask them to trigger my support.

Vodafone SMS Center NumbersPhone Number
Kolkata +919830099990
North East +919774099990
Karnataka +919886005444
Jammu & Kashmir +919796009905
Rajasthan +919839099999
Haryana +919839099999
Himachal Pradesh +919736009911
Assam +919706099990
Delhi +919811009998
Mumbai +919820205446
Gujarat +919825001002
Orissa +919776099990
Telangana +919885005444
Chennai +919843000040
Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
Bihar +919706099990
Jharkhand +919709099990
Kerala +919846000040
Punjab +919888009998
Chhattisgarh +919713099990
Pradesh +919719009998
Madhya Pradesh +919713099990
Uttar Pradesh east+919839099999
West Bengal+919732099990

Other Company Message Center Number

(1) Airtel Message Center Number

(2) Idea Message Center Number

(3) BSNL Message Center Number

(4) Jio Message Center Number

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